About Us


The University of Toronto, as one of the top education institutes in the world, leads the way in the field of artificial intelligence, and it has Geoffrey Hinton’s Machine Learning Group – the first of the three world-leading forces in the field of deep learning. However, undergraduate students seldom have the opportunity of getting in touch with the scholars from the Machine Learning Group, or getting exposure to leading technology in machine learning. This has created a disconnection between the undergraduate students and top scholars in machine learning. UTMIST aims to clear the mist by demystifying artificial intelligence technology, which is the most trendy technology nowadays. As a student organization focused on machine learning research, UTMIST is to establish a close connection between the undergraduate students and top academic resources at U of T.

University of Toronto Machine Intelligence Student Team (UTMIST) is an officially certified student organization within the University of Toronto. Our mission is to let more people get to know about artificial intelligence, “Clear the mist”!

Executive Team

Our team is a group of undergraduate student who are passionate about clearing the mist surrounding machine intelligence.

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Course Instructors


Sheldon Huang – Computer Science 1T9

  • UTMIST President and co-founder.
  • Recent Research in the Machine Learning Group at U of T: Generative Adversarial Network, Optimization, Style and Domain Transfer.
  • TA in the Mathematics Department at University of Toronto. He was a calculus TA in his second year, and a linear algebra TA in his third year.
  • Started his research career in Grade 9. Some of his other researches include: real analysis, non-linear optics and life sciences. Published his first paper during the summer after Grade 10.
  • Currently a 3rd year Computer Science student at University of Toronto.  


Colin Li – Engineering Science – Robotics Option 1T9

  • UTMIST co-founder and project director.
  • Third year undergraduate student; Bachelor of Engineering Science Candidate (Robotics Major).
  • CSC373 (Algorithm Design, Analysis and Complexity) TA.
  • 2017 ACM NA regional competition and 2017 NAIPC competition top 10
  • Participated in the research project of using deep learning techniques to improve the trajectory tracking performance of quadrotors.
  • Published research paper at IEEE international robotics and automation conference.
  • Lead author of the published paper – “ Deep Neural Network for Improved, Impromptu Trajectory Tracking of Quadrotors” – Q. Li, J.Qian, Z.Zhu, X.Bao, M.K.Helwa and A.P. Schoellig.


Justin Yuan – Engineering Science – Robotics Option 1T9

  • UTMIST co-founder and project director.
  • Third year undergraduate student; Bachelor of Engineering Science Candidate (Robotics Major).
  • 2017 Cansat Competition U of T Team, program team lead.
  • Research intern at the D3M lab; focuses include image classification, text classification and attention mechanism in deep learning.
  • Current IEEE UofT student branch, event director of computer chapter.
  • University of Toronto application development association senior developer.
  • Technical analyst at the renowned media company Synced Review (global).


Xuechen Li – Computer Science 1T8

  • UTMIST project director.
  • Third year undergraduate student major in computer science, mathematics and statistics.
  • Summer research project: Bayesian neural network and variational inference.